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The Fastraax Promise


✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

✓ Pays for Itself in 5 Uses

✓ Install Chains 4x Faster

✓ No More Crawling Under the Truck

  • What is included in the purchase price of Fastraax?
     Fastraax set includes two chain application tools and a spreader bar for each tool. This allows Fastraax to be used to apply chains on both sides of an axle in one operation.
  • There are several different tire and chain configurations now. Will Fastraax work with different configurations and tire sizes?
     Yes. Fastraax will work with virtually all truck tire sizes. It will also work with single, super-single, double, and triple chain configurations.
  • Can Fastraax stress or damage the tire tread or sidewalls?
     No. Fastraax does not apply any pressure to tire or attempt to clamp to the tire in any way. This eliminates concerns about tire damage during chain installation.
  • Does Fastraax work for all vehicles and wheel types?
    Fastraax will work will all wheel and tire combinations and all vehicles that have open space around the tire. Fastraax is not recommended for vehicles that have fenders around the tires. As Fastraax applies chains the chains raise up as they approach the tire. When fenders are present there is a possibility that the chain may catch on the fender and cause damage. If a driver desires to use Fastraax on wheels with fenders it is strongly recommended to perform a careful review of the clear space between the fender, the tire, and the ground. Application of tire chains on trucks with fenders is at the driver’s risk.
  • Will Fastraax work to install drag chains on trailers?
     Yes. Typically on trailers we recommend applying drag chains to the front axle. To use Fastraax on the forward axle, lay the chain out in front of the tire and apply the chain by moving the truck backwards as shown in the video.
  • Will Fastraax work to apply chains after I am stuck?
     Our testing shows that Fastraax works best when the truck has sufficient traction to allow the truck to move (either forward or backward) while the chains are being installed. If the truck does not have sufficient traction to move then the attempt to chain up with Fastraax will probably not be successful. Fastraax still pulls the chain but the loss of traction causes the wheel to move so fast that the chains end up on the ground in front of the tire instead of on the tire. Chains should be applied either before becoming stuck or in a manner that allows the truck to move backwards rather than forwards. The tire must successfully rotate and move the truck for Fastraax to work.
  • Will Fastraax work in cold temperatures?
     Yes. Fastraax components are usable in typical winter temperatures.
  • Does Fastraax include tire chains?
     No, Fastraax is designed to use your existing tire chains. You do not need special chains to use Fastraax.

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